. Janine Rainforth …. the perfect non-singer, lightly gorgeous voice but no impulse to shake it around, just like it glide out…. Matthew Schnipper, The Fader

Original co-founder and front woman of post punk band Maximum Joy, Janine Rainforth returned to performing her music in public in 2014, after her music career was cut short following assault and trauma. 

She now records and produces her music mainly from her home studio  in East London.

“Marrying digital technologies with found sounds and otherworldly vocals, she’s dabbling in ambient crescendos and synth-laden melodies to maximum effect.”  M Magazine

In 2015 Janine reformed Maximum Joy with some original players and some new for Simple Things Bristol 2015. She and the original drumer released a new MXMJOY album P.E.A.C.E.  in 2019 on London Field Recordings. They performed Dimensions 2018 and the inaugural We Out Here 2019.

Janine spoke to Vinyl Factory about MXMJoY and their new music

“(P.E.A.C.E.) feels like a celebration of togetherness ..sliding, airy vocals, lending a spooky quality to the tracks, like a ghost slipping in and out between worlds” Crack Magazine 7/10






“Rainforth’s new work comprises rich, blurry lullabies which flow sonorously through space, dripping searching keys over shuffling rhythms and, of course, Rainforth’s piercing but pining vocal. It’s a sweeping, ambient sound which recalls another strand of 80s alternative in the otherworldly ethereal wave of Liz Fraser’s work with This Mortal Coil, or even the contemporary avant-pop of Zola Jesus or Glasser. 

. Geraint Davies – Crack Magazine

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